Raspberry Tiramisu à la Malax Loaf

Cut Malax Loaf slices into discs that will fit the serving cup.
Mix espresso and Amaretto.
Soak the bread discs in the espresso-Amaretto mix.
Beat the eggs yolks with sugar until frothy.
Bring milk to a boil and add it in the yolk-sugar mix.
Place the mixture in a double boiler, which is over boiling water, and heat it until 79°C. Remember to keep stirring this constantly.
Cool thoroughly to avoid the mixture cooking any longer.
You can replace anglaise with ready-made vanilla custard.

 Mix quark and cream cheese.
 Let the gelatin leaves soak soft in cold water, add them in a dash of hot cream and combine with quark-cheese
 mixture. Add first only a little and mix even, then add the rest.
 Combine anglaise with the quark-cream mixture and add the rest of cream.
 Place a soaked slice of Malax Loaf on the bottom of a serving cup.
 Top with raspberries.
 Spread mousse on the raspberries.
 Make another layer with bread, raspberries and mousse.
 Place the cups in a refridgerator for about one hour.
 Garnish with ground chocolate and raspberries.

Serves: 6

    •12 slices of Malax Loaf
    •2 dl espresso coffee
    •4 cl Amaretto
    •300 g cream cheese (Mascarpone)
    •200 g quark
    •4 egg yolks
    •3 dl milk
    •180 g sugar
    •1 vanilla pod

    •5 dl ready-made vanilla custard (that can be wripped)
    •6 geletin leaves
    •3 dl cream
    •1 l fresh raspberries