Malax Loaf Export Ltd Oy is in charge of the export marketing and sales of Maalahden Limppu Oy. Its duty is to sell and promote the Malax Loaf outside Finland.

The Malax Loaf is in the selections of the country's largest trade groups. In early 2009, Maalahden Limppu Oy finished building a modern production facility in Vaasa. The new facilities increased the company's production capacity significantly.

To promote the Malax Loaf outside Finland and establish good connections with the relevant businesses abroad.

Our goal is to find new trade partners from Scandinavia and Central Europe in the coming years.

Quality: The high quality of our products forms the basis of all operations. The Malax Loaf is a high quality food product. Its status in Finland, its uniform quality and its long life are our trade mark, and we cherish this. Cooperation: We seek out partners in all areas of business. Success is based on good cooperation and mutual trust.