The history of the Malax Loaf


The origins of the Malax Loaf begin near Vaasa in Åminne, Malax (Maalahti in Finnish). Commercial production of the Malax Loaf began in 1906. In the early years, the products reached the markets by boat. The Malax Loaf quickly became a favourite among the Swedish-speaking population of the coast and it came to be recognised as bread typical of the region. As demand grew, the Malax Loaf started to appear on the shelves of local shops.


Today, the Malax Loaf is produced in a modern production facility in Vaasa. It is still made using the original recipe from whole grain rye, with no preservatives or additives. The traditional methods used in production guarantee its refined, natural taste.  
A little of this versatile bread goes a long way, which makes it a very special bread indeed.



The recipe is a well-guarded secret, but today, parts of it can be glimpsed in the list of ingredients on the wrapper. The bread's excellent shelf life has, for decades, been based on additive-free production methods and ingredients. Only Maalahden Limppu Oy makes the original Malax Loaf.


"Bagar-Kalle" Karl Malmberg


Anna Malmberg