Liver pâté with sliced gherkin and deep-fried button mushrooms

For 4 people

200 g high-quality liver pâté (visit your local market)
4 button mushrooms
1 pickling cucumber
Bunch of curly-leaf parsley
6 radishes
Sugar and salt
Neutral oil for deep-frying
4 thin slices of Malax Loaf

Start by cutting the cucumber into thin slices. Cover the slices with a brine that contains 1 dl water, 2 tbsp vinegar, 2 tbsp sugar, white pepper and salt. Leave to soak.
Cut the button mushrooms into thin slices. Deep-fry until golden brown. Allow to drain and cool on a paper towel.
Cut the Malax Loaf into thin slices and spread some butter on them. Spread the liver pâté on top of the butter and garnish with the fried mushrooms, sliced gherkin, sliced radish and chopped parsley.

‘This is another recipe that really brings out the best of the Malax Loaf, thanks to the juicy liver pâté.’